Thursday, September 3, 2009

maaari sa

maaaaaaari sa lessence in monter encore....pffffff
ayo wayo kifer nou p souffert koum saa

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


the horse who got the best preparation for that great race is, according to me, HALO HUNTER.
again in my opinion if he had no problems last year he would certainly have challenged the great MR BROCK in that same race.
this year after a long absence he made his entry on a 1365m race racing against some of the best actual sprinters including THE CARDINAL.
THE CARDINAL is known to have one of the best 600m and on that day HALO HUNTER did make the fastest last 600m; faster than THE CARDINAL on one of his best distances.
Many were deceived by HALO HUNTER's second race in the BARBE CUP over 1600m.
I was deceived too.
He simply had no kick in the final straight.
Why was that???....the second syndrome race
On its third encounter over 2050m, the preparatory to the race to be run over 2300m, Halo Hunter showed he had lost none of its abilities
He followed beautifully throughout and came on well in the last 300m though he was hunging in in the straight to be beaten only by SOLAR SYMBOL and GECKO DREAM,by less than 2L, 2 horses having many more runs under their belts as well as having gone through the 1850m series.
Remember Halo Hunter did beat Tabascorez over 2000m when the latter was at its peak.
Proof that he carries class and stamina.
That will be my banker of the day
why is it so easy to believe in things which are untrue and so hard to believe what's true....guess that's human nature